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Bleak futures

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Published Stories, all part of a single cycle: An End of Our Own Making (links to Amazon page)

All nine stories of An End of Our Own Making, my social SciFi cycle, are now available in one volume, in ebook and paperback. Find them here

They are still available singly

Cyborgs, Immortals and Spacefarers

In the centuries after the War, what’s left of humanity’s factions struggle against extinction. Three linked stories of old school science fiction: 

-The Immortalists, 1000 years after the War: Immortals trying to save their community are on a collision course with a farmer determined to protect his people.

-The Leavers, 500 years after the War: The corporations rule the solar system, and the Earth is off limits. A shadowy group of activists seeks to disrupt the established order, and an ion ship captain is sent to stop them.

-The Cyborgs, 200 years after the War: Cyborgs are a vanishing breed. They trust no one, especially not each other. Still, they must survive.

The Hermits of Miyah:

600 years after the War

A group of elderly hermits live in an ancient, crumbling fortress, high up a mountainside. A local Lord, armed with a powerful relic, wants to take it from them. A young Shepherd is determined to save them.

Now also available as an audiobook narrated by the incredibly talented Liz May Brice (from Torchwood)

Time Travellers of Ganymede:

470 years after the War

A young agent of Minerva’s Corporate Intelligence Bureau is assigned to infiltrate a mysterious group claiming to be building a time machine. His very first mission for the CIB is to determine whether they are a threat to the Corporation, and to the solar system.

The Last Ion Ship

700 Years after the War

When the Captain of the last remaining ion ship of the last remaining corporation in the solar system is unexpectedly ordered back to Mars Orbital Station, she must make a decision like none she has faced before.

The Rise of Laez

580 years after the War

An Impatient young lord, his indulgent father, his concerned mother, and their faithful captain struggle to do what they each think is right and necessary. A low-tech social science fiction short tale. Prequel to The Hermits of Miyah.

The Returners

900 Years after the War

The people of the asteroid belt face a difficult decision: Stay in a familiar but difficult and deteriorating situation, or migrate to a promising but unfamiliar and unpredictable Earth.

The Cybernetic Philosopher Queen

    1200 years after the war

After the war that ended the Old World, Majda has spent more than one thousand years crafting a new one for what was left of humanity. As the last surviving Cyborg, she has outlived her own kind, but also the Leavers who populated the solar system, and the Immortalists who preyed on the remnants of the species. She is now ready to bring her plan to fruition.

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